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Prayer of Praise and Thanksgiving

by DW Green — November 22, 2023

We bow our hearts to you and pray…

– Mary FairchildHeavenly Father, on Thanksgiving Day, we bow our hearts to You and pray. We give You thanks for all You’ve done, especially for the gift of Jesus, Your Son. For beauty in nature, Your glory we see, for joy and health, friends, and family. For daily provision, Your mercy and care, these are the blessings You graciously share. So today we offer this response of praise with a promise to follow You all of our days.

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Addition By Subtraction

by DW Green — November 15, 2023

No one brand can possibly have universal appeal.

Can a successful retail brand appeal to everybody? Nope. No one brand can possibly have universal appeal. Since you can’t be everything to all people successfully, you must purposefully limit what you offer and to whom. When you are identifying your strategic initiatives, choices about what not to do (subtraction) are just as important as choices about what to do (addition). Your success depends on the trade-offs you are willing to make. Simply put, a trade-off means that more of one thing necessitates less of another. A supermarket can choose to offer more service departments, adding labor costs and higher retails, or it can choose not to, offering less service and lower retails, but it cannot do both without bearing major inefficiencies.In a recent conversation with a high profile and successful Northwest retailer, I learned about their thoughtful and discriminating approach to creating their private label product line. The retailer understood that to be brand successful they needed to limit their retail brand product line to ensure the products themselves reflected the same brand benefits of the store brand itself. Only selecting items in product categories that could be distinguishable f...
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Brand Marks

by DW Green — November 8, 2023

Brand marks are like punctuation symbols…

A Brand mark is a simple, clean, and easily remembered graphic representation of a company’s Brand name. Brand marks are like punctuation symbols:. stop
, pause
; pause longer
! exclamation mark
? question mark 
Brand marks and icons can represent a deeper meaning of a company’s purpose or an abstract expression like the Nike swoosh. We have a Northwest client whose brand mark is a sailboat. Who would have thought of a sailboat icon for a food store? The sailboat is very meaningful to their company culture. It’s meaningful to me too. I’m proud to wear their caps and jackets that showcase their company icon.The DW Green icon reflects our design mantra “Less is greater than more.”So, if you’re considering a new or updated design for your company’s brand mark, give us a call.

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Sales vs Expenses

by DW Green — November 1, 2023

There is a fine line between reducing costs and maintaining or increasing sales.

A client is considering switching from a weekly ad to a biweekly ad. What effect will reducing print advertising in half do to sales? I don’t know the answer. In the short term maybe not so much. But long term, it could be a different story. Controlling/reducing expenses is a good thing. But there is a fine line between reducing costs and maintaining or increasing sales. Reducing labor expense too much will result in reduced sales. Reducing inventory can also reduce sales. And on and on.To me advertising frequency is about brand exposure and having an ad presence on a competitive basis. Though biweekly ads will reduce ad expense, what it will do to sales long term is unknown. To me, any activity that contributes to sales and brand awareness is a prudent expense.

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A Trained Mind Is Better Than Any Script

by DW Green — October 25, 2023

Better to be taught than simply given

It would be nice if someone could show us exactly what to do in every situation. Indeed, this is what we spend a good portion of our lives doing: preparing for this, studying for that. Saving for or anticipating some arbitrary point in the future. But plans, as the boxer Mike Tyson pointed out, last only until you’re punched in the face.Some do not seek to have the answer for every question or a plan for every contingency. Yet they’re also not worried. Why? Because they have confidence that they’ll be able to adapt and change with the circumstances. Instead of looking for instruction, they cultivate skills like creativity, independence, self-confidence, ingenuity, and the ability to problem solve. In this way, they are resilient instead of rigid. We can practice the same.Today, focus on the strategic rather than the tactical. Remind ourselves that it’s better to be taught than simply given, and better to be flexible than to stick to a script.

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by DW Green — October 18, 2023

Genius always finds a new solution to challenges it meets along the way.

Play is the expression of genius and genius always finds a new solution to the challenges it meets along the way. We are all really children—children of the cosmos—and our only real job is to let go of our seriousness and find the delight in every exquisite jewel that life places before us. Sometimes that “seriousness” is tough to let go of. It is for me any way!

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Stuff to Ponder

by DW Green — October 11, 2023

A thought in itself is neither good nor bad, pleasant or unpleasant. It’s simply a thought, a spontaneous, self-arising thought.

It’s impossible for certainty and curiosity to exist in the same moment. To discover new things, let go of the known and be open to every possibility.It’s the thinking mind that wants to become bigger, better or special in the world. The other part, our awareness, has no such desire.In actuality, joy stems from within and is not dependent on externals. Pleasure is associated with what is valued and esteemed. Much of projected value arises from imagination, and values reflect desires. In reality, nothing is more valuable than anything else other than spiritual fulfillment.Compassion arises from the acceptance of human limitation and by seeing that everyone is really the captive of his or her own worldview. With nonattachment, there is no longer the pressure to try to change the world or other people’s viewpoints, or to make them wrong by virtue of disagreement.A thought in itself is neither good nor bad, pleasant or unpleasant. It’s simply a thought, a spontaneous, self-arising thought. A thought, even a troubling one, is just a thought. It’s the story we build around it that keeps the mind busy.

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by DW Green — October 4, 2023

Patience is the natural ground of your being, whereas impatience arises out of fear and conditioning.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and it takes about nine months from conception for a baby to be born. Many things just take time to complete. Remember the movie Deepwater Horizon. The film, a dramatization of the April 2010 disaster when the offshore drilling rig, Deepwater Horizon, exploded, causing the worst oil spill in U.S. history. Poor judgment based on greed and impatience resulted in the deaths of 11 workers and billions of dollars of damages.More about Deepwater Horizon Explosion >Fortunately, these types of mega disasters don’t happen often. But impatience can result in undo stress, unhappiness, and poor judgment. Impatience can impact us, physically and mentally both personally and professionally. From a business standpoint, major projects like store remodels, new website roll outs, creating and implementing new marketing plans or brand development plans all take time to execute. Rushing their completion dates to meet forecasted, often-arbitrary timelines can cause problems including unexpected and unnecessary costs. And even when these large projects are completed, evaluati...
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by DW Green — September 27, 2023

Focus on one task at a time.

Several years ago, a chiropractor friend shared with me a valuable insight: the concept of multitasking is, in fact, illusory. He pointed out that while humans can efficiently multitask with motor skills, such as walking and chewing gum simultaneously, the same does not apply to mental skills. In many instances, we find ourselves attempting to juggle multiple mental tasks concurrently—whether it’s engaging in one activity while our thoughts meander elsewhere or managing three distinct tasks at once, like conversing on the phone, doing the dishes, and preparing a pot of tea. Unfortunately, this often results in none of these tasks receiving our full attention, leaving our mental focus divided and strained. For me, mental multitasking resembles an illusion, like water in a mirage, a dream, an echo, a reflection, or even a hallucination—where everything seems distinct and apparent but ultimately lacks true existence. Thus, the wise approach is to focus on one task at a time, being fully present and engaged in whatever the current task demands.

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Personal Judgment

by DW Green — September 20, 2023

Personal judgment is based on perception that is reinforced by belief and prior programming.

Do you remember the 1978 novel The World According to Garp by John Irving? Later made into the 1982 movie starring Robin Williams. I loved the book. I like John Irving and Robin Williams. I also like eating waffles for dinner on Taco Tuesday.This has nothing to do with The World According to Garp. It has to do with the world according to the ego. Personal judgment is based on perception that is reinforced by belief and prior programming, all of which are held in place by the payoff of the negative energies of the ego. Holy moly! The ego just “loves” suffering a “wrong,” being the martyr, being misunderstood, and being the endless victims of life’s changing conditions. Consequently, it gets an enormous payoff—not only from the positionality itself but also from sympathy, self-pity, entitlements, importance, or being “center stage” in which the self is the hero or heroine of the melodrama. This explains a lot about why things happen in the world!

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