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by DW Green — August 16, 2017

An ocean of ego

We go through life doing life stuff. We work and play. We do things with family and friends; support our communities and causes we believe in. On occasion we may think of our ego and the role it plays in our lives. We all have one. I personally find the ego a fascinating subject. I do my best to keep it in check, but it’s definitely a struggle.The following is a great description of ego, written by Eckhart Tolle.“A human being doesn’t know that he or she is immersed in an ocean of ego (their own and every one else’s), unless some rare and unusual experience pulls them out of it into a higher or deeper dimension of experience. Usually, this experience is welcomed, but after a little while, we start to squirm and flail about in discomfort. We long to return to the safe confines of the ego mind.We secretly love our ego because it gives us our identity. Without the ego and its rich and varied content, we feel as though we are nothing at all. We may even feel that we don’t exist.The ego provides us our sense of identity through objects we own that make a statement about who we are: a nice car, a beautiful home, pretty clothes, the newest electronic gadgets, the best music collection. We surround ourselves with objects...
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Mind Games

by DW Green — August 9, 2017

Filtering your reality

I usually think of mind games as something individuals intentionally play on rivals, subordinates, and peers. It happens in politics (North Korea), office politics, in sports and relationships, used to gain advantage, manipulate or intimidate. It all seems pretty creepy to me. But as it turns out, we all play mind games with ourselves practically everyday.This internal mind game consists of the tricks your mind plays on you, making you see reality according to old memories, fears, wounds, prejudices, outworn beliefs, second-hand opinions, and early conditioning. When you are aware your mind is filtering your reality based on the past, you can change it with that awareness. In fact, awareness is the change.Awareness is huge. Seemingly so simple, yet so difficult to cultivate and sustain.

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Detach from the Outcome

by DW Green — August 3, 2017

Be your true self

Attachment is one of those awareness things. If your not aware of being attached to something, attachment just happens. But when you become aware that you’re attached to something, you can choose to remain attached or you can choose to detach yourself from it. Being attached to outcomes is particularly problematic. Why? Because you can’t control outcomes. One is responsible for the intention and effort but not the result, which is dependent on many other conditions and factors that are nonpersonal.It’s common to attach yourself to outcomes in an automatic and seemingly unconscious way. Notice where in life you are attached to the way something “should” be, whether that’s with people, circumstances, or yourself. By noticing when (not if) you are attached, you can consciously choose to detach, which frees you to:
  • Be your true self
  • Say what you truly feel
  • Allow others to be themselves
Detachment is freedom. This freedom is the “not knowing” or the field of uncertainty marked by:
  • Magic
  • Mystery
  • Adventure
It’s human nature to want to know how things will turn out. But, if you already know the ending, that’s no fun. Let go, detach, and enj...
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by DW Green — July 26, 2017

“This moment is life”

Adam’s blog story is a good one. Too often we take time for granted. Too often we take life for granted. There’s always tomorrow, next week, next year and so on. The past is a treasure of memories and experiences. The future is a sky scape of hopes, dreams and desires. But all we really have is NOW, this present moment. Our memories are created now, in this moment and our future unfolds now, in this present moment. Sometimes it’s difficult to live in the NOW. But to be totally present and aware of what’s happening in the present moment is a powerful place to live.Jeff Foster sums it up very well. “This moment is not life waiting to happen, goals waiting to be achieved, words waiting to be spoken, connections waiting to be made, regrets waiting to evaporate, aliveness waiting to be felt, enlightenment waiting to be gained. No. Nothing is waiting. This is it. This moment is life.”

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Be A Wordsmith

by DW Green — July 19, 2017


“The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.” —Mark TwainHow management refers to personnel and store activities can bolster a store’s commitment to its employees and to exceptional customer service. For instance, calling part-time employees prime-timers conveys the excellent performance expected of them, the respect due them, and their full membership on the team. Often times the sanitation or janitorial staff is taken for granted, even though their skill set and talent is critical to the stores overall success. Consider a fresh name for those very important employees like the Clean Team or Cleanness Pro’s. Try coupling the word sales with various job functions, like visual sales instead of stock and display and register sales instead of cashier or checker. Deliberately use the word selling interchangeably with customer service to reinforce that they are essentially the same thing.Have some fun with this activity!

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The Value of Storewide Signage Audits

by DW Green — July 12, 2017

“Store signage can have a significant impact on a business.”

Years ago I visited a successful, high profile independent supermarket chain in the southwest. It is an excellent supermarket company with beautiful and well-merchandised facilities. Since it was going to be my first visit I did some advance research about the company. I learned that the business was committed to, among many things, delivering exceptional customer service, exceeding customer expectations.You can imagine my surprise when the first thing I saw before walking into the store was a large sign announcing the store’s security camera’s, the penalty for shoplifting and a $25 returned check fee. Wow, the sign didn’t make me feel to good about the store or myself. I imagine from a legal perspective it is wise or even necessary to warn the public in advance of these types of activities but it doesn’t set the stage for a warm welcoming shopping experience.Store signage can have a significant impact on a business. Signs set the tone for customer visits and employees’ work atmosphere. Appearance, location and word-choice in signage create a lasting impression. Signage also sends a strong message to customers about whether or not the company cares about them and their business...
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Amazon And Customer Experience

by DW Green — July 5, 2017

Efforts to control costs, can wind up costing sales

Amazon’s recent acquisition of Whole Foods signals that the future of retailing is moving toward a fusion of digital and physical experiences. The key word is experiences. Whether the digital experience is external (website, email blasts, social media platforms) or in-store digital devices (check stand screens, self service check stands, monitors, kiosks, ect.) the consumer experience is job one. And of course the store shopping experience is most critical. Store merchandising, product presentation, signage, product story telling, product assortment, food service offerings, product demos, employee training, and employee service standards must be exceptional. Duh…this all seems so blatantly obvious. Unfortunately, many retailers fall down in some of these important activities. Sometimes I think that efforts to control costs, wind up costing sales. Does your external marketing experience match your in-store shopping experience? Are you delivering a fun, informative and entertaining shopping experience? Remember, Amazon’s greatest competitive advantage is not its e-commerce network; it is its innovation engine.

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Teacher And Student

by DW Green — June 28, 2017

Being the best that one can be

As Adam says “Being a mentor to someone who’s a freshman in life is one way that you can make your workplace a great place to work, and shop.” Being a mentor to anyone, regardless of his or her age, status, or station in life is a good thing. I have been blessed with many amazing mentors in my life, beginning with my parents. And I’ve learned from younger generations too. As mentor’s we are teachers, sharing our wisdom and experience.It’s been said that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. In essence, we’re both student and teacher. As students we can improve our awareness of restrictive thinking and seek to be ready for own teachers to appear. As effective teachers we make our impact by understanding the needs of the student. We light the way and ease the way—we facilitate learning—but the student has to walk the path.Mentoring builds powerful relationships that can last a lifetime. Success in any venture is simply the automatic consequence of being the best that one can be as a lifestyle, without looking for gain.

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Story telling

by DW Green — June 21, 2017

The difference lies in the story.

The difference lies in the story.Last summer I visited Tombstone Arizona. Tombstone is best known for Boot Hill and the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral. It was home of the legendary Earp bothers and their nemeses the Clanton family and Frank and Tom McLaury. The townspeople were largely Republicans from the Northern states and many of the local ranchers (some like the Clantons, were also rustlers) were Confederate sympathizers and Democrats. The story of Tombstone in the late 1800’s is a very interesting story. And like any great story, it includes the four basic elements of storytelling:The MessageThe ConflictThe CharactersThe PlotIn business, storytelling works on two levels: Storytelling is a strategic branding concept and storytelling as a communication tool. And like the frontier boomtown story of Tombstone, it includes the same four basic elements of storytelling.Klaus Fog writes in his excellent book, Storytelling. Branding in Practice. “Tough times lay ahead for companies that shut their eyes and continue to compete only on product and price.”“In order to retain the loyalty of your customers in today’s competitive e...

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Guarantee and Well-Being

by DW Green — June 13, 2017

Enhance the well-being of a customer.

I’m an ardent proponent of product and service guarantees. A guarantee is a promise or assurance that a company will stand behind the quality of products it sells or services it performs. Guarantees build trust and loyalty with consumers. In a sense, a guarantee is a company’s commitment to the well-being of its customers. Wow, what an intriguing approach to serving the customer. Imagine a conscious intention by company leaders to enhance the well-being* of a customer. Is that possible?5 Reasons Why A Guarantee WorksFirst, it pushes the entire company to focus on customers’ definition of good products/service, not an executive’s assumption. Second, it sets clear performance standards, which boost employees’ performance and morale. Third, it generates reliable data (through payouts) when performance is poor. Fourth, it forces an organization to examine its entire service-delivery system for possible failure points. Last, it builds customer loyalty, sales and market share.What is a good guarantee? It is (1) unconditional, (2) easy to understand and communicate, (3) meaningful, (4) easy and painless to invoke, and (5) easy and quick to collect on.Cheating. Fear of custome...
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